Board of Management

Composition of the board of directors

Averardo Orta

Vice President
Bernd Meurer

Secretary General
Alberto Echevarria

Sebastiano Capurso


Scientific Committee

Scientific Coordinator
Alba Malara
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ECHO is composed by the different federations or associations of private companies present in the member countries of the European Union
May become Members National Associations of profit enterprises acting in rest and long term care sector for elderly. Also non profit and domiciliary care organizations may join on condition that they fully share Confederation aims and problems. If there is no national association in a Country, local associations can join; lacking these latter, single enterprises can join, but no more than two per Nation.
When in that Nation a local or national association will be established and will decide to join Echo, single enterprises must enter it. European Countries out of European Union can also join Echo. Associations become Members in representation of their Countries. The Confederation can twin with extra European Countries, undersign cooperation agreements and exchange information with them.