Reports and Guidelines

Here you can find documents produced by the E.C.H.O., as well as statutes and regulations of our organisation
Current Problems and Challenges in Germany’s Long term Care System

Presentation of current problems and challenges in Germany’s Long term care system by Prof. Dr. Heinz Rothgang from Bremen University during  meeting of the European
Confederation of Care Home Organisations on 24th november, 2022

Social Reporting Guidelines for nursing homes in Elderly Care Sector

European Confederation of Care Home Organisations guidelines for social reporting for nursing homes in Elderly Care Sector.

A simplified tool available to the sector companies, who does not want to provide an assessment of the actions of individual organisations, but allows them to realize a “Social Report” to better share their responsible management.

Engine of Future Employment and Industrial Growth in Germany

Brief study for the German Federal Association of Private Social Service Providers by BPA

Long Term Care in Belgium 2008

Presentation of the Long Term Care system in Belgium in 2008

Long term care in Italy in 2007

Presentation of the Long term care system in Italy in 2007

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