ECHO Joins « Pact for Skills » for Health Ecosystem Enhancement (fr translation)

ECHO participates in the « Pact for Skills » to enhance Health Ecosystem

We are pleased to share that ECHO has recently become a signatory to the « Pact for Skills: Large–Scale Partnership for the health ecosystem. » This collaboration is an integral part of the BeWell project, an EU-funded initiative focusing on developing a strategic workforce plan for the health sector, specifically emphasizing digital and green skills.

The BeWell project, spanning from 2022 to 2026, aims to formulate a comprehensive strategy for green and digital skills within the health ecosystem. The strategy is intended for implementation at various levels—local, regional, national, and European—utilizing the recently signed Pact for Skills.

Built upon skills intelligence and expert networks developed during its initiation, the project emphasizes co-creation methods to ensure active engagement from the target groups and end users. Stakeholder involvement is pivotal, providing a collaborative platform to address challenges and devise solutions for the development, review, validation, and integration of project results.

For additional information on the BeWell project, please visit: BeWell Project

More info:,Commitments%20made%20under%20the%20Pact%20for%20Skills,of%20Social%20Rights%20Action%20Plan.