Health and Social Entrepreneurs - TESO Association

Tesory is an independent national association gathering health and social entrepreneurs supplying services for mental retardation, elderly care, mental health, home care, day care, child protection, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, physical therapy. Tesory promotes also: job matching, management supervision and training consulting.

The Association has over three hundred members and employ a total of over three thousand employees.

Tesory became operative in 1995 promoting entrepreneurship and high quality in social and health care.

We address civil society, public authorities and policy makers in order to make them understand and accept the indefeasible role of entrepreneurs.

Great energy has been devoted to working environment development and staff training in order to supply high quality services.

Tesory participates to the preparation of relevant legislation in health care and education sectors.

Tesory is member of the Finnish Enterprises Federation.

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General Director:

Mrs. Marjo Ränkä


Mr. Kalle Junnila

Address: Head Office
Itsenäisyydenkatu 2
33100 Tampere

Phone: +358 3 211 0363
Fax: +358 3 356 8097

website link: