The Federal Association of Private Social Service Providers (bpa) is active with more than 7,500 member institutions and therefore stands for the largest lobby of private social services in the care marketplace in Germany.

The bpa-members are responsible for 230,000 Jobs and about 17,700 training places. The invested capital amounts to 18,2 billion euros.

More than 420,000 patients are taken care of by bpa-member facilities such as care homes for part-time, inpatient and disabled care, child and youth services. bpa stands for at least every fourth nursing home nationwide.

For the most part bpa-members are medium-sized enterprises including many family businesses. bpa as an approved institution of the voluntary social year (FSJ) offers social education and orientation to young people.

bpa founded in 1964 has its national office in Berlin. Since 1989 bpa is a founder member of the European Confederation of Care Home Organizations (E.C.H.O.) with its registered seat in Brussels, Belgium.

From 2006 to 2010 bpa-president Mr. Bernd Meurer was president of E.C.H.O. and since 2010 is vice-president.

Since 2007 bpa has a representation office in 1000 Brussels, Rue d’Arlon 50, Phone: +32 (0) 25 13 84 44

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