Associação de Apoio Domiciliário de Lares e Casas de Repouso de Idosos

ALI was founded in 1989. Ever since its birth the Association has taken into account the quality of elderly life, considering their several biopsychosocial aspects. Entrepreneurs immediately felt the indefeasible need to clarify sectorial legal framework and manage to speak with one voice with local and national authorities. In 1992 ALI was ready to support their members with all their needs, such as: licence granting, legal advisory, service contracts and internal operating documentation. Our current activities are aimed to promote a wider acceptance of long term care providers, stuff training, team working, compliance with laws and regulations, elderly rights and wellbeing. In other words: excellence.

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Mr. Joao Ferreira de Almeida

Secretary General:

Mrs. Ana Paula Fernandes

1300-365 Lisboa
Rua dos Lusíadas 5, 3° S C/D

Phone: +351 213 638 065
Fax: +351 213 627 785

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